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OMG I just had the weirdest dream!

I dreamt my boyfriend from 8th grade had turned into some sorta weird ass hippie guru guy. This guy was so straight laced. He wouldn't even take vitamins unless he knew what the ingredents were in full detail. So I dreamt we were at this place that was supposed to be like a midevil themed dinner theatre type place. There was like this spa nextdoor and he was going for one of his weekly spa treatments. They asked him if he'd like to bring two friends with him to enjoy a day of pampering and he's like "no my deciples don't need it." I think this must have been a cult lol. He wouldn't admit that he was Steven though even though I knew he was. I don't remember what he was calling himself in my dream. He looked like he was trying to be John Lennon lol. I kept asking questions like "did you play sports when you we're young?" Trying to get him to admit who he was. Then I asked him about Pelé because that was his HERO and I knew he couldn't not talk about him! But he didn't say anything. When he did talk he spoke with a faux British accent like Madonna lol. All in all this was one of my more fucked up dreams I think. I wonder what Steven is up to these days for real? I doubt he'd ever talk to me again cause I pissed him off last time we spoke. I always seem to do that :o/ Oh well, such is life.
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