The Beautiful Thin one (labellaflaca) wrote,
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I'm a horrible person!

I was driving home and I hit a raccoon...I can't stop crying. he ran across the road then I though "ok...good....its safely across" then the damn thing ran back into the road and I tried so hard to not hit it. I swerved and slowed down doing everything in my power to not run it over. I risked being rearended by the car behind me by slamming my breaks on trying to avoid ending this poor animals life. it didn't work. I KILLED IT! I'M A FUCKING MURDERER! I feel so awful. I said a blessing for it...I've cried for hours...when will I stop...when will it stop hurting me like I ran over one of my own furry babies??? I feel so terrible!!! why do I have to hurt so much because of this? everyone keeps saying it wasn't my fault BUT IT WAS!!!! I SHOULD HAVE TRIED HARDER......I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO NOT HIT A LIVING ANIMAL!!!!! I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!!!! :*(
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