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Fucked Up Dream

I had this really fucked up dream lastnight. I dreamt I was dating Ashton Kutcher (thats weird) and somehow we were in this house and there were all these girls there. They were ranting and raving about how fat they were and crap. Looking in mirrors and asking me for diet tips and shit (why I don't know because I'm a fat ass). Anyway Ashton and I go up to the attic to get away from the girls and there is this big fat guy up there. He has on girls jeans from the 90's and suspenders. The jeans are HUGE but way too small for him. He started talking shit to Ashton and we decided we would just leave but thats when al the running started...I always end up running for my life in my dreams. This guy suddenly turned into some sort of mutant or something. He could like inflate a rubber bubble around his, already too fat self, at will. So he started bouncing. He bounced all over Ashton so many times that I thought he'd break every bone in his body. He tried and tried to get away but with no luck. there were four exits out of this attic but the big fat guy just kept bouncing on Ashton and blocking the exits. He ran and I ran as fast as we possibly could on the unfinished floor but it was hard with nothing solid to get a good footing on. Finally Ashton made it to one of the exits but it opened up to a drop down the center of about 50 flights of stairs. Thats when I woke up. I have no clue if we ever get out or what. It was totally terrifying!
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